Popular Types of Asian Massage in USA

While there is an ongoing debate on where massage originated, there is no doubt that Asian massage is very popular and widespread. Asia has 48 countries and most of them have their unique techniques. Today, we’ll get to know about the popular Asian massage types one can find in the USA.

Top 8 Asian massage you should know about

  • Japanese massage is one of the most widespread options. Especially its type called Shiatsu. The massage done by fingers, thumbs, and palms are sure to help the body relax and decrease stress levels. While some people argue about its helpfulness, Japan’s Ministry of Health recognized it as a way to maintain one’s health.
  • Thai massage is the modern title for the technique invented over 2500 years ago. There are several forms of Thai massage which mainly differ by whether it’s performed with or without body oil. Thai massage is very widespread in the USA. It’s mainly used to stretch the body and muscles. Very often get find themselves in extreme positions.
  • Chinese massage is considered to be the oldest form of massage. The first information about it dates back to 1500 BC. Now it offers two main kinds of therapy. One is more classic and involved pulling and pushing. The other one focuses more on pressing and pinching. You can find the latter in acupressure.
  • Chi Nei Tsang is a type of massage that focuses on the stomach area. It’s a combination of Chinese and Thai massage that aims to balance the person’s digestive system. It’s less widespread compared to the previously discussed options. However, one can also find such services in the USA.
  • Foot massage is so popular that it seems to be the most popular one. Some people treat it as a part of their daily routine. It’s not that hard to learn some basics online and give yourself or your loved ones a minute to relax. There are plenty of variations but all of them agree that the feet have zones that correspond to every organ. A proper massage can impact the troubles elsewhere and eliminate energy blocks.
  • Ayurvedic massage is also one of the oldest forms. It is widely practiced today. It’s often a part of wellness retreat programs all across the states. However, people don’t often get the real techniques used in Asia. This therapy is often treated as the basics for the rest of Asian massage therapies.
  • Indian head massage has enormous success all across the globe. Proper movements and acupressure techniques used on the head, scalp, and neck bring stress and anxiety relief.
  • Indonesian massage can be subdivided into Javanese and Balinese massage techniques. The first one is tough and sometimes even painful. People get this massage with hands, knuckles, etc. Another type comes from Bali and seems like a complete opposite. It uses aroma oils and smooth movements and rolling techniques to stretch the body and let it relax.
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