Japanese Massage for Relaxing and Stress Relieving

Not many people know things about Japanese massage. It’s likely they have heard about it a few times. Yet, far from all can connect the dots between Shiatsu and Japanese massage while, in fact, they are the same thing. Let’s get to know more facts about this massage therapy as well as how people use it for relaxing and stress relief.

Top 7 facts one should be aware of

  • People use fingers, palms, and thumbs to massage the body and remove the tension. It actually comes from ancient Japan. This used to be bodywork based on ancient Chinese massage.
  • Since Shiatsu means finger pressure in Japanese, there is no wonder that most of the process is done with fingers. The techniques also use thumbs and palms to remove joint pain and stretch the body for complete relaxation.
  • Very often the massage is based on using the palpation and pulse diagnosis. It often combines some aspects of the Ayurvedic techniques by studying the person’s pulse. This helps them define the imbalances and fix them.
  • The widespread fame of Japanese massage came in the 17th century. Although it’s much older, that was the time when the first books on this kind of therapy appeared. People have learned more about the benefits of the techniques and spread their fame very fast.
  • Officially, the Japanese massage therapy was introduced in the 1940s. hundreds of years after it originated, Tokujiro Namikoshi opened the first shiatsu college in Tokyo. This date marked the new page for the therapy and brought plenty of useful techniques to the masses.
  • Very often blind people do this Japanese massage. While it can sound surprising and unusual, it is often associated with these people. There used to be a time when only blind people could practice therapy by law. Nowadays, anyone can learn the needed skills and work in the industry. However, a huge share of professionals is the Japanese blind community.
  • There is still a huge debate on whether Japanese massage is useful. Plenty of research groups and studies examine the results of the therapies. Some of them state that there is no clear evidence that the massage helped. While there is no scientific proof the Japanese massage can drastically improve health and eliminate diseases, it’s a great way to distress and relax.

The verdict

Massage is one of the oldest ways to take care of one’s health. It’s also the simplest one compared to some surgeries and other complicated methods. Plenty of nations have come up with their massage techniques. That’s why we often see Thai massage, Japanese massage, etc. Each of them has certain peculiarities and benefits.

Today, we’ve reviewed the Japanese massage techniques. They are very widespread nowadays as more people wish to know how to remove muscle pain using only fingers and palms. It’s a great way to relax one’s body and relieve stress levels. Some people even believe it can cure more serious diseases.

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