Comparison Review: AVG vs Avast Antivirus

A lot has changed in recent years. For instance, Avast bought AVG. The latter experienced plenty of changes. Yet, the company-owner has decided to keep it a separate product and leave some basic concepts untouched. Now we’ve got very similar but still different antivirus programs >>> AVG vs Avast. Let’s compare them in terms of features, protection levels, system impact, design, and price.


Avast introduced more features and tools in its premium suites. The most luxurious bundle includes a Real Site, a VPN, Sandbox, a smart firewall, a password manager, a Wi-Fi inspector, and other useful add-ons.

AVG also has some interesting features to offer. For instance, there is AVG Tune-up. This tool is an all-in-one utility that automatically maintains the PC’s performance by removing junk files, boosting the device’s speed, and updating the apps.

Malware protection

Since they currently have the same engines, both software solutions deliver good protection and shield your computers from various malware. Labs like AV-Test and AV-Comparatives regularly check the software by conducting numerous tests.

Both of the products got 5.5 out of 6. This implies that they deliver good but not excellent protection from various kinds of malware. AV-Comparatives also gave them the second-best ADVANCED award for the good detection results.

System impact

Based on the results of the independent performance tests, AVG and Avast have a tie. They have minimal impact on system performance and don’t slow down the devices. AV-Comparatives gave them the highest ADVANCED+ award in this category.


Both products offer convenient navigation and user-friendly designs. However, Avast’s interface is simpler and preferred by those who already use other products from this company.

Avast has a simple, intuitive, and straightforward interface in dark colors. Four main modules cover Status, Protection, Privacy, and Performance.

AVG interface has changed a lot over the years. Now it’s also in dark colors and has five main modules on the main screen. They include Computer, Web, Identity, Email, and Firewall. While it greatly differs from Avast’s design, the antivirus is still intuitive and user-friendly.

Pricing policy

In terms of the price tags, AVG offers more value for the money.

First of all, it’s important to mention that both AVG and Avast offer free editions. They are limited in features but use the same engines to detect and stop various threats.

Premium plans differ in prices and offer several bundles of features. Avast offers plans from $60 to $120 for one computer. AVG, on the other hand, can protect up to 10 devices for $80-100 per year. This brings more value for the money since a user can protect all the household devices with a single license.

The verdict

In many aspects, two antivirus solutions have the same scores. Yet, Avast seems like a better choice by offering more options and features.

Both Avast and AVG offer high-quality protection without slowing down the computer. One can get plenty of features to secure all-round protection and maintenance. They have simple, straightforward interfaces, and efficient customer support. In terms of prices, AVG managed to be better.