Tool to Recover Deleted Data

  • Award winning utility to recover deleted data Mac and also in Windows operating system
  • Retrieve deleted / lost RAW photos generated by the brands of the digital cameras
  • Efficient scanning algorithm to retrieve deleted data from flash drive, hard drive, memory cards and many other storage drives
  • Restore data within a less span of time from the storage drives 

Don’t panic!!! It can be possible to retrieve deleted data even when you are unable to locate it on the drive. Data is everything for a person now a days. The data may be crucial information, a research report, a project report, etc. As the data is very important, data storage becomes a necessary issue. You can store the data on different devices depending on the file type of the data. To store the media files you can use memory cards, flash cards and many more devices in the electronic devices. You can store the data of most of the file types on the computer’s hard drive. The usage of the storage drive needs some maintenance also otherwise files will be deleted from the device. After deletion, you must think about how to restore deleted data with ease.


Deleting the important data from the storage drive is simply unaffordable. You may delete the data from the storage device accidentally or intentionally. Sometimes third party software may also delete the files. Suppose you are cleaning the computer using antivirus program and threat has been detected. Then you try to repair the file and get the access to your data back. But the application deletes the file and you lose all the important data in it. You know that the file was not corrupted severely. The antivirus failed to repair it and hence the deletion. In such cases, you can retrieve deleted data using data recovery software.

Few of the scenarios where you can lose the data for deletion are given below. Have a glance at the scenarios below and beware:

Clicking “Delete All” on the camera: To delete all the data at a click there is an option on the camera called “Delete All”. If you are running short of memory on the memory card to store new data on it then you can transfer the photos to another storage device and click “Delete All” button. You may click on the “Delete All” button on the camera accidentally. If you do that you will lose all the photos from the camera. You can retrieve deleted data from the memory card of the camera using the data recovery software.

Deletion from external drive: You may connect the external drive on the computer to transfer the data from or to the external drive or to view the data in it. You may end up deleting the data from the external drive while operating on any file. The files can’t be found in Recycle Bin also as the bin stores only data deleted from hard drive. In such cases, you need good recovery software. Data recovery software is one of the efficient recovery tools to retrieve deleted data. For recovery of flash drive tap here.

Formatting pen drive: Formatting the pen drive deletes the entire data present on the pen drive. You might format the pen drive unintentionally or you may forget to take the backup of the files on the pen drive before formatting. In such cases, you will lose all the data on the pen drive. If there was any important data in it then you can retrieve it using recovery software. Deleted Data Recovery software can easily recover deletd JPG, MPG, AVI, MPEG and all other files from the pen drive in just couple of minutes.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Emptying Recycle Bin increases the performance of the computer. Hence you keep cleaning the Recycle Bin using the option “Empty Recycle Bin”. Sometimes it happens that someone else would have deleted any important data from the computer and till you come to know about it, you would have emptied the Recycle Bin. Hence, you will lose the data permanently and it won’t be there on the Recycle Bin to restore. In that situation, you must use a recovery tool. Data recovery software is one of the best data recovery tool.

Retrieve deleted data software has lots of advanced features which you should know to use it efficiently. Some are given below:

Data recovery software restores deleted data from the storage drives like hard drive, external hard drive, thumb drive, flash memory cards, etc. on your computer. The software helps you when you do not know how to retrieve deleted videos from the camcorder when you delete the videos from it. Deleted Data Recovery software supports all the file systems on Windows OS. You can retrieve deleted data of many file types like documents, spreadsheets, archives, media files, etc. You may lose access to the data when the partition goes missing or deleted. You can restore data from deleted partition efficiently using the software. Deleted Data Recovery software has different builds for Windows and Mac OS to retrieve deleted data. Learn more regarding partition recovery at

The deleted data can be retrieved using the data recovery software. See how to restore deleted data in simple steps:

Step 1: Download and install Deleted Data Recovery recovery software on the computer. Run the software and select Recover Photos or Recover Files from the main screen depending on the data which you want to recover.

Step 2:Select Recover Deleted Photos from the second screen. Select the drive and scan for the files. You can scan for particular file types by specifying before scanning.Preview the restored files and save the data back on the computer.

Avoiding data deletion is better than restoring it after losing. Take some precautionary measures to keep away from data loss as below:

  • Use the powerful antivirus program on the computer and keep updating it regularly.
  • Schedule the backing up of the data on the computer regularly.
  • Avoid using cut and paste options, instead use copy and paste to avoid data loss on the interruption of data transfer.